Unleash the power of data.

Enhance operational workflows.


Mobotory Technologies creates business applications that mitigate risk and streamline operational workflows.

Solutions for Business: data-driven decision making

We move client workflows from traditional analog methodologies to mobile, cloud-based operations. We apply machine learning and statistical modeling methods onto client data, then integrate it with external data sources. We discover trends and turn data into insights.


Unifying Platform

Mobotory can digitally enrich your critical operational workflow. How? Through the use of data science and mobile technology.   We integrate your people, processes, and data into a single unifying platform.


Communicate, Control, and Collaborate

With a unified platform, you can track and collect data from staff, vendors, materials, inventory, customers, and incidents. You can maintain documentation, tasks, and messaging. Your real-time flow of information and continuous communication allows you to proactively manage risks, resolve issues faster and get everyone on the same page.

Your Big Picture

The Mobotory system connects directly to your internal data, cleans it, integrates it with applicable external data, and feeds you with real-time critical metrics. The Command Center provides an intuitive set of dashboards that allows you to make faster, better-informed, data-driven decisions. You can add modules, tailor your data, and create custom alerts.

Artificial Intelligence

A main driver of innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applies machine learning to guide actions and decisions towards a best outcome. AI not only acts based on its experiences, it also learns from interactions to suggest and complete new tasks.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the process of automatically discovering patterns in data. Once identified, a pattern can be used to make predictions.

Predictive Analytics

Sophisticated machine learning uses data to predict expected outcomes. Plug into our adaptive predictive analytics engine and see what happened, why it happened, and what is happening next!

A Wealth Of Data At Your Fingertips

Mobotory Technologies creates software solutions for coordinating field operations teams. Our flagship Enterprise Operations System (eOS) handles event management with incident reports, tasks, messaging, and document revision control. A cloud-based visual analytics dashboard gives management realtime insight for coordinating incident responses and preparing documentation for legal challenges. Our modular design allows the customer to scale into features as required.



Mobile Platforms

eOS puts flexible in field, real-time communication and flow of information in the palm of our hands. The secure, scalable system has an elegant, user-friendly interface, and can be deployed on all operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

cloud anayltic icon

Analytics Anywhere

A cloud-based visual analytics dashboard gives management realtime insight for coordinating incident responses and preparing documentation for legal challenges. Our modular design allows the customer to scale into features as required.


Integrated Technology

eOS integrates into existing security and management IT infrastructure, you can gain the ability to make on-the-fly changes to mission-critical documents, instructions and record incidents occurring around the world in real-time. The platform is more than just enhancing reaction to incidents, it captures, aggregates and archives important information, therefore improving planning and operations.

Our Modules

Easily adaptable and turn key for your industry sector.  A simple dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of all operations in multiple locations and quickly pull a report to export.

Incident Reporting & Dispatch

Incident Reporting & Dispatch

Eliminates paper reports and alerts managers in real time.  Captures incidents easily with photos, geo-tagging and digital forms.

Security Center

Security Center

Bird eyes view on incidents and reports.  Filters by location, type and level in real-time.



Immediate communication via phone, SMS or email at a touch of a button.



Timelines at your fingertips, free from the constraints of paper and updated in real-time



Assign, track and document your team’s workflow more effectively and comprehensively.

Documents & Info

Documents & Info

Keep all mission critical information and documents at your fi ngertips on any device



Gives you a 360-degree view of your venue’s parking, including allocated car space and revenue.

Consumer and Fan

Consumer and Fan

Delivers fans one-touch access to event security by phone or SMS, as well as the ability to directly report incidents to the central system.

It’s All About the Benefits

Bring consistency across all of your operations, whether you are responsible for a location or multiple locations worldwide, get everything at the palm of your hands instantly.


Field to office anywhere connectivity



More efficient personnel deployment, less human error



Reduced incident frequency and severity


Strengthen liability defense with a digital paper trail



Turn-key solution, integrates with existing IT infrastructure



Bird’s eye view of all operations in multiple locations with simple dashboard reports that export easily


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